A system for quantifying the patterning of the lymphatic vasculature

Ramin Shayan, Tara Karnezis, Evelyn Tsantikos,
Steven P. Williams, Andrew S. Runting, Mark W. Ashton,
Marc G. Achen, Margaret L. Hibbs & Steven A. Stacker

To accurately quantify lymphatic vessel patterning, we developed the Lymphatic Vessel Analysis Protocol (LVAP), utilising a modified counter plug-in for ImageJ, software commonly used for high-throughput image analysis, on multiple computer platforms.

Due to the complex architecture of whole-mount-stained lymphatic vessels, the design of LVAP incorporates a strong user-operated component in preference to a fully-automated system.

The modified plug-ins for ImageJ utilised are found below. These can be installed into ImageJ by copying the two files below into the plugins folder, and restarting ImageJ.

LVAP plug-in

Grid Plug-in