Comparison of Human Platelet Membrane-cytoskeletal Proteins with the plasma proteome:
Towards understanding the platelet-plasma nexus.

David W. Greening, Kristen M. Glenister, Eugene A. Kapp, Robert L. Moritz,
Rosemary L. Sparrow, Garry W. Lynch, Richard J. Simpson

  Proteomics Clinical Applications.


Human Platelet Reference Dataset Repository
LINK: Raw MS/MS Spectra
LINK: Processed Peptide Dataset
LINK: Processed Protein (Function) Dataset
LINK: Single Peptide Indentification

LINK: Single Peptide Indentification (MGF File)

Human Plasma Proteome Dataset Repository – Independent Validation
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LINK: Processed Tryptic Dataset
LINK: Processed Semi-tryptic Dataset